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Education for International Students


Our principal Registered Migration Agent Duc-Dung ‘Yung’ Tran is also a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor.


Below are some education providers that we represent:




… and many other education providers.

We can help apply to the education providers, changing providers, work with providers to resolve issues, in addition to assisting with applying for a Student visa and with visa-related matters.

For those who are not familiar with the Australian education system, please take a bit of time to read the information below.

General information

There are six States and two Territories in Australia, each with a different education system, especially at the primary and secondary school levels. You can find further information on Wikipedia. The different education levels are as follows:


The English language programs comprise of General English (for new learners of the English language) and English for Academic Purposes (for more advanced learners of the English language). Many providers offer the Certificate I in EAL to Certificate IV in EAL (‘EAL’ stands for ‘English as an Additional Language’). The acronym 'ELICOS' is also used in relation to the English language programs (it stands for ‘English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students’).

Primary and secondary school

Primary school starts from Pre-school (or Foundation, Kindergarten, Reception) to Year 6 (or Year 7 Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia). Secondary school (or High school) starts from Year 7 (or Year 8 in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia) to Year 12. The final two years of secondary school are referred to by a name such as the Victorian Certificate of Education (in Victoria) or High School Certificate (in New South Wales). Primary and secondary schools consist of Government, Catholic or Independent schools. With the Government schools, enrolment is through the Education Department of the State or Territory. With the Catholic and Independent schools, enrolment is usually directly with the school.

Vocational Education

The name Vocational Education and Training (VET) is used in relation to vocational education. The Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes are Government providers of VET. There are many private providers providing VET programs as well. VET programs comprise of Certificate I, II, III, IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma.


The universities in Australia are mostly owned by the Government. The universities offer mostly Bachelor, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master and Doctor of Philosopy (PhD) programs. Many universities have a branch that offers VET programs as well.

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